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  • 🌙 🌙 Introducing Snoop Dogg, the AI Dungeon Master

🌙 🌙 Introducing Snoop Dogg, the AI Dungeon Master

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GM robot lovers,

It’s another big week for AI news. From Snoop Dogg and Tom Brady, to the new found sight of ChatGPT, we have a lot to unpack.

So, without further ado - let’s get to it.

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📈📉AI & Big Data Tokens

Key Takeaway: Step App is FLYING! Last week, the token was at the bottom of the charts. Now, it’s way ahead of the rest with a whopping 68.25% growth in the past seven days. In the past week, the game-fied fitness company unveiled a new in-game asset, in the form on limited edition watches.

Full Moons - Dungeon Masters, Friends, or Foes?

Snoop Dogg, the AI Dungeon Master

Did you think AI was all about making your life easier and automating your tasks? Well, you’re wrong. It’s actually about being able to chat to celebs (well, that’s what Meta thinks, anyway).

Meta, the tech wizards behind Facebook, are on a celebrity robot-making spree, turning A-listers into AI chatbots. Forget autographs; now you can have a digital convo with the stars.

  • They've got Snoop Dogg as the Dungeon Master (choose your adventure, anyone?), Charli D'Amelio as Coco the dance enthusiast, and even Tom Brady as Bru, the wisecracking sports debater who probably argues touchdowns over breakfast.

  • Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's ringmaster, wants these celeb chatbots to be more than just virtual Q&A machines. He's all about personalities, opinions, and helping you "connect" with the celebs. Right now, though, they're typing responses; they'll learn to talk next year. (I’m sure I’ve seen this in a movie somewhere…)

Now, there's a small catch. These celeb chatbots' knowledge is stuck in 2023, so they might not know about the latest news. But hey, it's not a deal-breaker; they're here for the witty banter and virtual high-fives.

BRB, going to chat to the dungeon master. Surely nothing can go wrong here, right?

After 148 days, the Hollywood Writers Strike Could Almost be Over ….

11,500 writers are ready to head back to work after five months! In May, the WGA authorized its 11,500 members to strike for the first time in 15 years. The reason? They were receiving less pay, unstable work - and concerned about the use of AI.

Now, they’ve come to an agreement with studios, which includes residual payments on streaming platforms, more transparency on viewers numbers, and of course, guidelines for the use of AI.

  • This is where writers are wary. AI isn’t considered a ‘writer’, so AI-generated work isn’t ‘literary material’. The studios want to make AI-generated scripts, but they're trying to avoid giving writers strong copyright protection. Studios are craftily threading the needle, keeping AI in the game but not in the limelight.

  • While studios hope to copyright AI-augmented works, it's not all smooth sailing. The copyright game hinges on a human touch. Courts debate whether studios can use copyrighted works to train AI.

So, the deal isn’t done yet. The tentative agreement term also outlines requiring regular meetings to discuss and review information related to the use of AI.

One day, could robots and humans live together in harmony?

ChatGPT Gains Sentience

Well, not quite, but it has gained the ability to now speak, listen, and see pictures.

The developments in AI are fascinating, and ChatGPT now has 5 different voices to choose from. If that wasn’t enough, now ChatGPT's new powers mean you can snap a pic of a famous landmark while on vacation and have a chat about its history. Hungry? Just take a snapshot of your fridge, and ChatGPT will help you whip up a culinary masterpiece. And for all you students out there, it can even do your homework for you.

While the developments are exciting from a tech perspective, it also raises the question of how far we are going to go? With an interactive AI that now can talk and see, are people going to replace their IRL friendships with digital chatbots?

🔭The Scope

Once again, there is far too much news for us to cover, so this is just a small snapshot of the AI developments this week. Bigger and better advancements are rolling in every single day, and we wonder, what’s next for AI?

🌓Half Moons

- OpenAI is hoping that their new funding round will increase its valuation from $29 billion to $80 billion. Rather than issue new shares, the company’s approach lets employees sell existing shares. In April, OpenAI (behind ChatGPT) secured $300 million in funding - separate from a $10 billion investment from Microsoft. OpenAI aims to achieve $1 billion in revenue by 2023.

-Indian actor Anil Kapoor, known for his roles in "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Mission: Impossible," has won a significant legal victory against websites that used AI-generated deepfakes featuring his likeness, voice, and catchphrases without permission. The Delhi high court recognized Kapoor's "personality rights" and prohibited unauthorized use of his attributes.

- Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is advocating for the deregulation of AI in the United States. He argues that overregulation will hinder AI's progress and innovation, similar to his concerns about excessive regulation in the crypto industry. Armstrong believes in decentralizing and open-sourcing the AI industry to encourage competition and innovation while cautioning against the unintended consequences of regulation.

🔭The Scope

Love it or hate it, it’s clear to see that AI just keeps on growing. The industry is booming, money continues to pour in, and our new normal looks like one where we all use AI in our everyday life - whether for entertainment, work, or company.

Total Eclipse

If you’re looking to follow the journey of someone with a gripping AI story, check out Thunder Keck on instagram. This athlete has been communicating with an AI bot on the dark web, and it’s a wild ride!

💫Shooting Star

This week’s shooting star is DeepBlack

Minted in 2019, DeepBlack is the first end-to-end AI artist on the Ethereum blockchain. The DeepBlack community consists of historical NFT collectors, NFT connoisseurs, and AI art enthusiasts alike. They affectionately call themselves the GANGang.

The DeepBlack collection is limited to 3,073 fine art pieces. No more will ever be minted or created.

🌚Dark Side of the Meme

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Written and curated by: Koko

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