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🌙 🌙 To The Moon: How Pudgy Penguins Beat Disney

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Taco Tuuuuueeessdaayyyyy! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

It’s a good week for digital collectibles! New art and artists popping up, and NFT projects reverting to their original homes.

We’re bringing you the freshest serving of NFT news to enjoy that amazing meal with, so sit back, relax, and let’s get you up to date.

Writer: Vineet
Curator: Koko

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📈📉Biggest Changes in Floor Price (7days)

Digital Collectibles Market Movements: Undead PFP brand Deadfellaz celebrated their two-year anniversary this week on August 13th. Spirits are high, and they have soared 12.50% this week!

🌚Full Moons - DeGods Take A U-Turn, Penguins Go Left!

ICYMI: DeGods Are Back On Ethereum!

DeLabs' NFT venture, y00ts, made a surprising U-turn last week, shifting back to Ethereum's mainnet from Polygon's scaling network, just ahead of unveiling DeGods' "Season 3" content.

  • Initially, y00ts turned heads by jumping from Solana to Polygon, backed by a hefty $3 million Polygon Labs grant. Everyone felt some type of way when this happened, but all’s well that ends well, eh?

  • More than a change of scenery, DeLabs decided to give back the full $3 million grant to Polygon Labs, while pledging $1 million to nurture "Polygon-native builders and creators."

As y00ts NFTs' floor price surged on OpenSea, the NFT world keeps a watchful eye. In the shuffle, DeGods maintains its NFT prowess, changing the game with their latest ‘Art Downgrade’ Season 3.

DeLabs' journey reflects the adaptable nature of the NFT scene, intriguing collectors and creators alike.

Onwards and Upwards for DeLabs!

Penguins Go Left!

Pudgy Penguins toys are making waves again after their Banana Suit collectibles vanished in just 7 seconds! Now, they're back with a new surprise: 'Left Facing' collectibles. These cuties pay homage to the exclusive 1/1 Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873.

  • Pudgy Penguins have already rocked the toy industry, selling 20,000 units (over $500,000) in 48 hours on Amazon, outshining even Disney and Lego.

    • These toys aren't just tangible; they're portals to 'Pudgy World' through digital codes.

  • Scan the codes, and you're in an online world of penguin adventures and community fun.

Their NFTs though? A 22% spike in the lowest-priced NFT's value boosted the floor price from $8,800 to around $10,000. Pudgy Penguins’ NFTs now sit at $7,679.67. Only 150 "Left Facing" exist, each with an ERC721 token.


🔭The Scope

Brands evolve and pivot all the time, but building in public is different. DeGods have faced huge backlash over their Polygon U-Turn, and while some fully support Frank, others have lost their faith in the creator. Web3 connects us with creators, CEOs, and artists in ways that we don’t see in Web2 - but is this unique building perspective better, or worse?

🌓Half Moons

Grimes' NFT collection rakes in more than her music career earnings at around $6 million, though she expresses concern over the commercialization of the space, while the NFT market faces turbulence due to low trading volumes and royalty disputes.

Leonardo da Vinci's iconic "Salvator Mundi" masterpiece is now an NFT. The original artwork, valued at $450 million and owned by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, is poised for a groundbreaking NFT transformation.

🔭The Scope

There’s so much variety in the NFT space right now, it’s a space for all kinds of artists. In fact, artists AND art are being pushed through the roof. PROOF played hide-and-seek with artists' identities until they mint, and on the music spectrum, Grimes' NFT gig made her richer than her tunes! Oh, and Leonardo da Vinci's art? It's going all digital, joining the NFT party. Watch out, Mona Lisa, the virtual art scene is getting wilder every passing day! 🎨💰

Total Eclipse

If You Could Buy Just One Work Of Art As An NFT, Which One Would It Be?

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💫Shooting Star

This week’s shooting star is SOCMPLX

Socmplxd is a multidisciplinary artist working professionally in the arts since 2008. Their aim is to ‘make art about our ordinary lives’.

🌚Dark Side of the Meme

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