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🌙 🌙 To The Moon - Roblox is the GOAT

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Good morning, and happy new week! 

Today, we are unpacking the Metaverse, and considering whether we would make the move from living IRL to URL.

What would you do, anon?

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📈📉Weekly Metaverse Moves

Metaverse Markets: It’s a good week for LUKSO who are migrating their contract to their main net. LUKSO is the Blockchain for the new digital lifestyle is created by former Ethereum Developer Fabian Vogelsteller, author of ERC20 and ERC725, developer of web3.js and the Mist Browser. It is a multiverse blockchain network where the worlds of fashion, gaming, design and social media intersect.

🌑Full Moons - Roblox Wants To Do It All + Web3 Gaming Stats!

I Get New Avatars & Fine Art, You Get New Meta Experiences

You Can Now Build No-Code Avatars On Roblox!

Roblox is diving into revolutionary new realms with the power of generative AI! CEO David Baszucki just unveiled a mind-blowing vision - imagine creating avatars and outfits by simply typing text! It's pure magic as AI breathes life into these ideas in real time.

  • Why should you care? Because this significant change democratizes game-making, making it a playground for all. Pros and newbies alike can craft 3D worlds with easy text prompts, simplifying the process. It’s like knitting your sweater and wearing it too grandma!

  • This is what they like to call "dynamically personalized" gaming, something that caters to each player.

Roblox's AI adventure began in 2023 with Code Assist and Material Generator, streamlining game development. It's hungry for more, ready to include external AI services and attract diverse developers. Also, Roblox wants to lock their AI legacy using a whopping 70 (yep, 70) dedicated training models!

oh, and speaking of Roblox…

Fine Art Gets Roblox Makeover

Get ready for an art-gaming mashup as the Met Museum dives into Roblox! They're bridging traditional art and the digital world in a dynamic way. With a quest-based app and a strong presence on Roblox, the Met engages a younger audience right where they love to be.

  • In this cool collab, Roblox users can outfit their avatars with digital versions of iconic artworks, even featuring Van Gogh's famous straw hat – a cultural touchstone.

What's standout? The "Replica" app, a partnership with Verizon, is the guide. It leads you to 37 carefully chosen artworks via augmented reality, overcoming physical limits for an up-close digital art experience.

Scan artwork, earn virtual wearables for your Roblox avatar, and more! The Met's Roblox space lets players show off their acquisitions in museum-style display cases, alongside historical scenes.

This could be the meta-museum trip you’ve always wanted to take!

Metaverse and Gaming Isn’t Going Anywhere But Up

July's deep dive into blockchain gaming and the metaverse reveals a world bursting with potential and rapid evolution. As significant investments pour in and giants like Google embrace the impact of Web3 gaming, the industry is set for a transformative makeover. We bring you the essential insights from DappRadar’s latest.

  • Blockchain gaming led the charge in July, constituting 41% of on-chain dapp activity, with WAX shining brightly.

  • The Ronin & CyberKongz partnership is creating an NFT and gaming future, while Ethereum L2's gaming pivot, led by Arbitrum, gains momentum.

  • Sweat Economy topped the charts with over 739,000 monthly users, and virtual world trading volumes saw a dip.

    • Yes, move-to-earn is STILL on the rise, bipeds.

  • Web3 gaming investments soared to $297 million, and mobile gaming is booming now that Google's Play Store is onboard. (Keep in mind we’re in a “bEaR mArKet”)

These intersections aren't just shaping the future; they're actively building it. Business is a-boomin!

🔭The Scope

Roblox is clearly a key player in the metaverse, with everything from the Met, to Paris Hilton, to Miley Cyrus and LeBron James all creating in the virtual world. Plus, in true creator-economy style, anyone can build in Roblox with no code needed. We love Web3!

🌓Half Moons

Paris Hilton launches Slivingland in Roblox: A metaverse sensation merging entertainment, activities, and brand engagement, revolutionizing audience interactions. I swear everything happens on Roblox nowadays!

Play football in the metaverse, make money IRL! MetaSoccer launches Decentralized Soccer Metaverse, integrating NFTs and Blockchain, providing exciting opportunities for players and fans.

🔭The Scope

Is the metaverse more fun than real life? With sports, activities, music events, the metaverse creates everything that you can experience IRL, but from the comfort of your own home. But, what does this mean for the future of socialisation?

Total Eclipse

What Should Come Next On Roblox?

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💫Shooting Star

This week’s shooting star is Federico Clapis

Today’s art feature is a metaverse themed 3D digital art piece. The piece is named ‘Grieving Conceptions - Flooded’.

Federico Clapis is a visual Italian artist. In 2010, he began a inner journey to explore the most intimate conditions of the human soul, living in an ashram in India and continuing his research in the West through various existential paths.

For years, Clapis worked “undercover” producing viral videos on social networks and accumulating millions of followers and views. In 2015, at the height of his popularity, he decided to move away from pure entertainment and converted his online presence into a tool for the dissemination of his artistic works previously kept hidden.

🌚Dark Side of the Meme

Written by Vineet

Curated by Koko

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